Chamber 101 Orientation

Whether you are a prospective member, new member or a long-time member; Chamber 101 is on Opportunity for members to learn more about how to get involved with upcoming events and opportunities.

Risky Business: Preparing for the Inevitable

Risky Business:  Preparing for the Inevitable  A CVEP SMALL BUSINESS FORUM  About For most business owners and managers, it is unpleasant to consider what might happen if something went very wrong: a cyberattack or a natural disaster, for instance. But one glance at the local or national news is enough to remind us that something […]

How to Start a Successful Small Business

Want all of the perks of owning your own business? Attend this fast-paced and highly informative workshop and learn how to start your own small business. You’ll learn the key steps and processes that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to go through to conceptualize, create, and launch a successful business.

Entrepreneurial Program

Download the flyer About The Program – Offered in Spanish The Emprendedor@s Program is a program offered in Spanish at no cost. This program educates, promotes, and supports leadership skills and entrepreneurship among the Hispanic community. The program runs eight weeks, includes business experts, leadership topics and a clear path to starting your own business. The program is […]

Hack My Business

A computer hacker uses technical knowledge to overcome a problem. A life hack is a trick or skill that increases productivity in everyday situations. In this Small Business Forum we will discuss “business hacks” – novel ways to increase your productivity, efficiency or effectiveness by using shortcuts, tools and existing systems in unintended ways.